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There is Nothing Better for Your Lawn Than Compost

 A yearly application of compost as top dressing on an established lawn can be beneficial in maintaining consistent soil moisture and helping it to stay lush and weed free.


The most common use of compost is as an amendment.


Fertile soil also has a far greater moisture retention,allowing you to use less water .


Mulch Borders


  Consider the nutritional benefits of using compost as a mulch.The aesthetics of spreading it around plants, trees and shrubs just makes a lot of sense.


 As a mulch border around flowerbeds and gardens compost can protect plant roots from sun/wind damage, prevent erosion and reduce soil diseases.

Compost is actually one of natures best mulches and soil amendments.

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Establishing a Healthy Lawn/Landscape


Whether you’re starting a new lawn from seed or sod, the key to having a healthy lawn is having healthy soil.

 Compost provides the optimal soil structure that grass loves and should be mixed into the soil immediately prior to installing either the sod or grass seed.


Adding compost will help your lawn’s soil retain moisture during the long hot months of summer, keeping your grass greener longer. That’s a good thing!

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