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Compost for orchards and vineyards

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 The establishment of a healthy root system should be one of the first steps considered for the survival of newly transplanted trees and shrubs.

 Especially in roadside applications, a handful of compost before setting the plant in soil can offer nutrients for survival and growth and help withstand the shock of transplanting.


Compost as Mulch


 The use of compost as a mulch instead of shredded bark or wood chips, can more readily release and provide important nutrients, prevent erosion and maintain moisture during dry spells.

 Compost's rich dark color provides an attractive border without harmful residues or chemicals.

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Vineyards & Orchards


 The application of compost to a vineyard impacts the nutrients in the soil and the vines.  An understanding of the nutrient balance in the soil and the vines will be useful to the growers in making decisions on the application of compost in vineyards.

Dr. Terry Bates Cornell University, Fredonia Vineyard Lab

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